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Friday, January 15, 2016

Phoenix Rising

It's been WAY too long since I've blogged, and I must apologize for that, I've been super busy with modeling school, the holiday season, MMI pageant, and my other SL and RL responsibilities I have been remiss in blogging my outfits, but honestly I *WILL* catch up, all my styles are saved so I promise to be blogging more often in the future!

Besides being a homework assignment for school, this outfit is just plain GOLDEN in more ways than one!  I put it together from a couple different outfits but they blended together so nicely it's hard to know where one starts and the other begins.

The idea for this outfit was inspired by Carnival in Rio, as well as in the Caribbean islands.  I already had this winged outfit in my inventory but I left off the skirt that came with it, and instead added a different one, as well as the headpiece and bracelets.  The name of this is "Wicca the Lioness" hence the clawed boots and furry textured top.  I am seeing this outfit more as "Phoenix Rising" because of the gold color and impressive wings.
Rhia is not a carnival reveler but a warrior in her own right.  The wings represent rebirth and renewal, and on a very personal level the heart signifies that I am still here with heart beating and a feisty spirit to match.


Purple Moon "Wicca the Lioness" outfit boots, top, bottoms, armor, heart, and wings.
Utopia "Jive" pants, top and fringe in Gold
Oceane Diva Cat Makeup in Gold
Gaeline Mesh Eyelashes Mysteria
Lazuri gold bangles
Velvet Whip Horned Queen Headdress (light)
Shape-my own
Glam Affair Sia skin Nostalgia Blue America B
IKON Sovereign eyes- Chocolate
Amacci hairbase tattoo- Honey Blond
JUMO Alexa Black Eyeliner 004
Slink hands by Siddean Munro